Paleo Resources

Starting a Paleo life can be a real challenge.  Here are some great resources I’ve come across that can help you learn the ropes and support you in your Paleo journey.

Ideas that go well with Paleo/Primal living:

  • Slow cooker recipes
  • Slower lifestyle – rush less, eat out less, grow your own food, focus on priorities, less consumerism
  • Canning and dehydrating foods
  • Buy local and organic
  • Crossfit as an approach to working out


  •  Robb is a leading expert in the area of Paleo.  He studied under Loren Cordain and wrote a book that was the one I first read to learn about Paleo and it was amazing.  It’s called The Paleo Solution.
  •  One of the best food blogs ever!  She cooks only Paleo foods and has tons of yummy recipes with great pics and videos.  She also has an iPad app (I haven’t tried it yet) that is supposed to be amazing.
  •  I haven’t read this one a lot but I hear it’s a good blog.  She has a nice overview of the Paleo-Primal life style.
  •  This one is new to me but I like it so far.  It’s about primal living on a budget.  Lots of yummy looking recipes.
  • 40 new low carb blogs — This is a great list of blogs that support the low carb lifestyle.  Thanks to Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb for compiling it!  While Paleo isn’t low carb for the sake of being low carb (there are tons of carbs in veggies and fruits), it is no grain, no legume, no dairy, and no sugar… all of which contain carbs.  There are several Paleo blogs on the list (including mine!).  Beyond the Paleo blogs listed, many of the others may be a great resource for you as you get started in cutting out those carb sources and before you are ready to go fully Paleo.


  • The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolfe – this is the one I read.  It is full of info, including some heavy nutritional science info.  But he writes it in a very easy to read/understand format and I highly recommend it. It is absolutely what motivated me to do this because he explains how eating any other way harms your body
  • The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson
  • The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain – Loren is the father of the Paleo movement.  He has several books but this is his Paleo bible. I haven’t read this one but I’ve heard it’s good.  I got a primer from him in his cookbook (see below), which has a good overview of the Paleo approach.


Other resources:

Facebook:  There are tons of great Paleo pages on Facebook.  Search on Paleo and you’ll spend hours adding page, reviewing posts, and drooling over recipes.

Paleo friendly restaurants in Austin — great resource for finding farms near you that sell organic, pasture raised meats – a magazine for this life approach.  I bought one at Barnes & Nobel and really liked it.  Haven’t subscribed yet but there was lots of good info init.


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  2. Hot Mud says:

    This is a really excellent resource!!

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