My Name is Suzette.  I am on a quest to create health in my life.  I have been overweight most of my adult life and I’ve tried every diet out there.  I have recently realized that weight loss isn’t all I’m after.  I want a life free of pain, exhaustion, and poor health.  I am implementing the Paleo lifestyle a little at a time and am excited to see the changes in my life and my health.

In this blog you’ll find posts about my process for implementing the Paleo approach; reviews of Paleo books, cookbooks, blogs, and events; recipes and meals I experiment with; and information about Paleo/Primal Living recommendations that go beyond food… that means sleep, sunlight, socializing, etc.  I’m just starting the blog so be patient with me as I build it out and add all this great content that I hope helps others starting on a Paleo journey.


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