Getting Started With Paleo

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I started exploring the “paleo” or “primal” eating approach a few months ago.  As soon as I got 1/4 way through “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf… I was hooked (check out his blog when you get time.  Warning, it’s addictive.).  I moved on to blogs, books, cookbooks… anything I could get my hands on.  It was a natural extension of the interest I’d already developed around organic foods, non GMO foods, and grass fed meats, and more.  I should admit that ‘interest’ for me equates more to google searches, blog reading, lots of blathering to my friends and family…. but rarely to any significant changes in my life.  But this felt different.  It was tough to argue with the science that Robb shared, hard to ignore the desire in my heart for something more in my life than pain, exhaustion, obesity, food addiction, and overall poor health.

As I dove further into the Paleo pool I saw a natural synergy with some overall changes I’ve been wanting to make in my life, including living a slower, smaller life, taking up less space on the planet, learning to can foods, reducing the use of plastics, losing weight, finding health and energy, sleeping better, and and learning to live without the illustrious (yes, that’s sarcasm) institutions of big agra, big pharma, and big business.  After a few months of exploring and making some small changes, I tried a 30 day cleanse… and lasted a whopping 2 weeks.  It became clear to me that changing every aspect of my life was going to take more than a few weeks and more will power than I could muster.  So I decided to be reasonable… to make the changes over the long term in small doses, with deliberate actions.

In this blog I’ll share my journey into the paleo life…what I’ve done so far and where I’m headed.  My hope is that this blog might help if you are interested in Paleo but don’t know where to start.   Paleo is more than food… it’s about quality of life, health, choice, and maybe even a bit of a revolution in our world and in myself.  Join me for the journey and I’ll share the resources I find, the tricks that work, the friends that help, the food I cook, the challenges I face, and the better life I create.  Robb and the other Paleo experts tell us that the Paleo lifestyle is what we humans are designed for.  And it is high time I create the life I want by designing it and then building it… so that’s my project… learning to be Paleo by Design.

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